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Squares are back!

Clifton Arts is re-launching “Square Paintings”

For those of you new to this concept, members paint in any media, on any theme, on a 20x20cm square card.

The best six, selected by a panel, will each win a prize of a £ 50 voucher for art materials. The six winning Squares will then be made into sets of cards to be sold by Clifton Arts.

The majority of members paint directly onto their square (one per member).

You can, if you wish, paint on paper and carefully glue it to your square.

Please don’t sign them on the front, but please put your name, and a little about yourself, and the story behind the picture, on the reverse (buyers love this provenance information).

The Squares are a donation to the Clifton Arts Club which are then sold at £35 each at our exhibitions and events. The sales support the financing of our many activities.

You can collect a 20x20cm cardboard square, in its protective cellophane at any Clifton Arts Event from members of the Committee – postage is so prohibitively expensive but if you do not envisage attending an event before mid-March please send an email requesting a Square to with your postal details and we will mail you one.

The closing date for entries is: Sunday 17th March 2024

Please hand your completed Square, in its cellophane, to a member of the Committee at any CA event before 17th March.


post to: Lea Aldridge, 28, Clifford Gardens, Shirehampton, Bristol, BS11 0EE

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